The Minute Pie Mold Company

Since 1962

Made in the USA

Proudly made and assembled in the United States of America.

Cookware Aluminum

Minute Pie Molds are made of heavy cast cookware aluminum with a permanent hinge. This gives them light weight, exceptional durability, and guarantees an evenness in heating which cast iron can’t match.

Family Run Since 1962

The Minute Pie Mold Company operates out of Northern Ohio. The business has been owned by the Faloon family since its creation in 1962

A Brief History of Minute Pie Mold

  • Since 1962, The Minute Pie Mold Company has made quality campfire cooking products. It all started with our Original Round Pie Mold. Later, we added square and wiener cookers to our product line. Also known as pie irons, campfire toasters, and hobo pie makers, the original Minute Pie Mold toasts up tasty treats in no time flat.
  • In the early years, we sold our campfire cookers to local camping dealers and outdoor supply stores in Ohio and the Midwest. Made from heavy-duty cookware aluminum, our product is lighter and cooks more evenly than cast-iron versions. Campers everywhere quickly realized the exceptional quality and durability of the Original Minute Pie Mold, and within a few short years, we were distributing to all parts of the country.
  • We opened our online store in 1998. Now camping enthusiasts around the world can experience the same great campfire cookware used throughout the United States for nearly 50 years!