The Minute Pie Mold Company

quality campfire pie irons since 1962


Richard and Frances Faloon grew up camping.  In fact, Richard still remembers his first camping trip…when he was six months old!

In 1962, they saw a need for a quality Pie Mold.  The pie irons of the day were not durable and provided uneven heating. So they designed a new Pie Mold from scratch and cast a few at a local foundry.  Friends and family all wanted the “Faloon Cooker” for its heavy durability and performance. 

“We knew right away we had a good product,” says Richard. 

The Faloon Cooker became the Minute Pie Mold.  Forty years later, the design is the same.  The original Minute Pie Mold continues to be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts in all fifty states and around the world.